Being big at Club Fling!

1) Go to Club Fling and go to the VIP Room then following your way outside.

2) Once outside jump on one of the circles. Then keep pressing TAB until the yellow box ends up on the Connect Mulch game, press enter and then click no.  You will now be larger than everyone else! (As shown below)

Big Club Fling glitch

Being big at Tinks Tree!

1) Go to Tinks Tree and make your way inside Tinks Tree. Then climb up to the third highest step.

2) Now press TAB on your keyboard until the yellow box gets to Connect Mulch, click enter & choose no. You will now be the biggest weevil in Tinks tree! (As shown below)

Big at Tinks Tree glitch

Hide under Flem Manor stairs!

1) Go inside Flem Manor and climb up the staircase all the way to the top

2) Now use the super jump action from your powers and click at the bottom of the stair and find yourself hidden under the stairs!

Under the stair flems glitch

Big at Flem Manor

1) Go inside Flem Manor and without climbing up the stair just click the library door from where you are.

2) Exit the library and straight away click the floor on the bottom where you enter Flem Manor. Now find yourself as the biggest Weevil at Flems!

Big at flem manor

Funny Antenna

1) Wear any hat you have. Walk into any room of your nest or someone’s nest and then take of your hat and see for yourself!

Dodgy Antenae glitch

Drink anywhere

1) Go to Figgs Café or Tums Diner and go to buy a drink. When the message comes up to buy the drink yes or no do not click anything yet. Leaving that message open click on map and a bin location

2) Once at that location just click yes and buy the drink. You can know have your drink any where your want!

Drinking glitch






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